An Artists’ Collaboration: Serene & Conor’s Guestbook

This was a special treat!

The making of Serene & Conor’s custom guest book that combines a fun photographic story with humoristic art added by the groom himself! With the comments of their friends and family from their wedding day, this book is the most unique & personal book one can imagine.

Conor, loves painting and creating art with found objects…. Serene, is a savvy word smith and spirited woman….. So how can photographs best capture the multitude and layers of such vibrant couple? By going beyond the usual photographic form! … and this couple made it happen…. we joined our artistic talents & bound it into a book!


The basis for all my guest books is to create a visual vignette representative of the couple’s life & love.

Serene & Conor weren’t into a romantic stroll thru a pretty park landscape. Instead they perused the local record -say “vinyl” – store on Haight Str., got equal thru a pillow fight, and finally ended up at their rooftop with a sunset view of San Francisco.

Once the photographic work was done, Conor added his humor and artistic interpretations that gave the images a whole new meaning. Going along with the idea of unique & not conventional.. his drawings sometimes spilled into the opposite pages – which usually remain blank or are lined for the guests’ signatures.

The process was a playful, free flowing collaboration, a spontaneous approach to define who & where Serene & Conor are for their book and their memories.

Conor enjoyed it so much that he would lend his creative talent to other people who desire to create a similar unique custom book. Just ask!






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  1. Christine says:

    this looks really cute… i really like that concept!

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